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Silver Flame® Broadheads 3-Pack
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Silver Flame® Broadheads 3-Pack Description 



Click here for a product review by C. Cheney and W. Vosloo in South Africa.



Original Silver Flame broadheads, sometimes called German Kinetics broadheads, have proven themselves as the toughest, sharpest, most lethal double bevel broadhead in existence and we've got them in stock!



With all the talk about the bone splitting power of single bevel broadheads – you might ask…

“Why shoot double bevel Silver Flame broadheads?”

The answer is simple…

Some bowhunters have complete confidence in their shot placement skills and what they want is an ultra-sharp, tough as nails broadhead that flies great from any bow and penetrates like crazy. What they want is GrizzlyStik Silver Flame broadheads.

We firmly believe there isn’t a better double beveled broadhead available than the GrizzlyStik Silver Flame. They have proven their lethality on all manner of big game and all around the globe. From Whitetail to Elephant and everything in-between, GrizzlyStik Silver Flame double bevel broadheads are the “Gold Standard” of double bevel broadheads.

Available in weights from 100 to 210 grains. Try a pack of GrizzlyStik Silver Flame broadheads today – you can thank us later by sending pictures of your success.





Silver Flame Broadhead Specs


  • 440C Stainless Steel blades - Sub Zero Quenched
  • 58 Rockwell Hardness (HRC)
  • .052" - .068" Thickness on Blades
  • Cut-On-Contact Convex edge design
  • CNC aircraft grade aluminum ferrule
  • Smooth transition, low profile ferrule
  • Ferrule diameter .334"
  • Stainless Steel Torx screws 1.27 mm
  • Razor sharp and ready to hunt
  • Available in 210, 180, 150, 125 and 100 grains
  • Screw in design fits all threaded inserts
  • 3 per pack



Click to see our broadhead guarantee.



Original Silver Flame Broadhead Dimensions


Weight Width Length Blade Thickness
100 1.15" 2.40" .052"
125 1.15" 2.70" .052"
150 1.15" 2.70" .068"
180 1.15" 2.86" .068"
210 1.15" 2.86" .068"


"WOW!!! I just got my new Silver flame XL 180's in the mail today. All I can say is WOW!! These are some mean looking heads! Anyone who thought these heads would loose their integrity when they stopped making them in Germany was wrong...

These things are well built and fly great! I'm shooting a 540gr arrow at 278 fps out of my X-force Dream Season. It was pretty windy today so I didn't expect much but to my surprise my broadheads were hitting exactly with my field points at 25yds! So I stepped back to 40yds and still grouped my broadheads as tightly as my field points and I wont even need to reset my sights!! Cant wait till October when I can really put these suckers to the test!!

Thanks ABS! You guys are a great company and have been overly helpful and so nice the few times I called. I'm gonna order three more!!!"



"Thanks for the fast service regarding my trip to Zambia. I shot a big male Elephant 5000 kg I used just one arrow - GrizzlyStik Silver Flame 150 grains ran 70 meters and died in 1 minute."

Bo Christensen





"Photo attached of a big pig I shot in TX with the 100 grain Silver Flame. 20 yard shot from a 62 pound bow, 420 grain total arrow weight. Penetrated to the fletching."   Brandon Ray



German Kinetics introduced Silver Flames to the bowhunting world several years ago and the results on big game have been impressive. In 2010, German Kinetics Broadheads and Alaska Bowhunting Supply came to an agreement and now ABS has the worldwide rights for manufacturing and distributing all German Kinetics Silver Flame broadheads. We've heard that in many parts of the world, they refer to Silver Flame broadheads as German Kinetic broadheads. Of course, German Kinetics is the name of the company that was manufacturing them and not the actual product name. In our catalogs and online we will be referring to them as Silver Flame broadheads instead of German Kinetic, so please help us spread the word. We think that the Silver Flame broadhead is as good as it gets in double bevel broadheads, give them a try, we're confident that you'll be impressed!



Click for the Alaska Bowhunting Supply-German Kinetics-Silver Flame Broadheads Story.


Average Rating: (based on 2 reviews)

Showing 2 Reviews:

by chance
on 4/13/2010
Made a believer out of me.
Wow, this head is a beast. I shot into the shoulder blade of a 800 lb cow. It blew right through of course, and when i pulled it out, it was still shaving sharp. Are you kidding me!!! And I performed this little test with my normal white tail deer setup, 60 lbs, 445 grain arrow, 260 fps. Nothing special, and the broadhead still didn't even hesitate before blowing through almost 1/2" of bone and anther 13" into the target behind. I'm a believer.
by Jim Hammill
on 4/19/2009
125 gr. silverflames
Last fall in Colorado I shot a bull elk using silver flames. I was using a 56# recurve with Alaskan Grizzlysticks last fall and shot a 700# bull at 24yds. Entry was 4" behind the left shoulder and the arrow exited out the right side after going THROUGH the shoulder blade on the far side. The bull went 60yds and died. Unbelieveable.
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