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GrizzlyStik Alaskan Shafts 6-Pack
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Item #: 2002
PRICE: $129.95
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GrizzlyStik Alaskan Shafts 6-Pack Description 


Click Here to have us cut your shafts to length.


Click Here to have us install your inserts.


Click Here to see our arrow selection chart jpg.


Click Here to see our arrow selection chart pdf.


Click Here for our GrizzlyStik FOC & Arrow Weight Charts


For compound bows, longbows, and recurve bows.



The Alaskan, because of its wide spine range and heavy weight, is the most popular shaft of the GrizzlyStik line.

With a static spine of about .440 our Alaskans perform best in bows from 50#-65#. The Alaskan shaft makes up a finished arrow weighting between 550 and 650+ grains including a 125 to 250+ grain head. This makes it just right for most moderate draw weight bows and virtually any game animal from whitetails to kudu.

Finished Alaskan arrows weigh in at approximately 550 and 650+ grains including a 125 to 250+ grain head.

The Alaskan, full length at 32.5" BOP, comes with brass point inserts and push-in, tunable white nocks. Since not all bows in the same draw weight are alike, for best arrow flight, it is highly recommended that the customer tune the shaft to the bow. Besides adjusting point weight, tuning the arrow to the bow often requires cutting the shaft to adjust the spine. Note: Always cut GrizzlyStiks from the front! The first seven inches internally are parallel so the brass inserts will still fit in arrows as short as 25".


If you like, we can cut your arrows to length before shipping your order. Click Here to request that service. Note: Once shafts are cut to length, they cannot be returned.


The brass point insert is back threaded to accept our point weight system.


GrizzlyStiks have a special low-drag finish. For that reason we recommend that you always use our GrizzlyStik arrow cresting wraps when gluing on feathers.

6 shafts per pack.


A monster of a moose taken by Pat Corrado, Jr. with our GrizzlyStik Alaskan arrows.

"Thanks for a great arrow. I shoot the same arrow out of three bows I own from 53 lbs to 63 lbs and they fly like darts."  Pat Corrado, Jr.


Here's a BIG grizzly shot with an Alaskan GrizzlyStik arrow.


GrizzlyStik arrows are good for small game and stump shooting too. Here's a shot of a GrizzlyStik Alaskan that powered a big small game blunt completely through this log. It was shot from a 47 pound longbow... That's why we call them power shafts. Power your broadheads AND small game heads with GrizzlyStik arrows. You'll see the hard-hitting difference.


GrizzlyStik tapered arrows are designed to Bust Through Bone!



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by Aaron
on 2/18/2010
Alaskans Hit The Mark
Not only did the Alaskans arrive on time, they were cut to exact length and the inserts were installed perfectly. At first I thought the Alaskans which weighed in over 140 grains heavier than my target arrows would flop in the accuracy department, but the high (20%) FOC allows for tack-driving accuracy and unmatched repeatability for hunting arrows, Ed's insight on the phone was unmatched and I could not be happier with this product.
by John
on 3/3/2009
Hard Hitting is Right!
I tried some of the GrizzlyStik Alaskans on an elk hunt this past September. When testing them at home before the trip I found that they hit my target very hard and out penetrated all my other arrows. I was also shooting one of the GrizzlyStik broadheads too. I really like the way they look and like the way they shoot even more. I'm shooting bows in the 48# to 55# @ 28" range and the Alaskans are flying perfectly. My only complaint is that I never had the opportunity to watch one zip through an elk on that hunt! I have done some stump shooting and again, have been very impressed with how well they fly, how hard they hit, and how tough they are. I hope I get another chance at some big game soon! todd smith
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