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Ashby® 315 Broadheads<br> 3-Pack
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Ashby® 315 Broadheads
3-Pack Description 




Caution: Use only GrizzlyStik tapered carbon arrows with GrizzlyStik forged broadheads.

Using parallel carbon arrows, especially thin diameter carbon arrows using Easton's HIT inserts may result in arrow failure.



"When You're Ready for Something Bigger..."


The Ashby is designed to be the world's ultimate broadhead.



Years ago, we began talking with Dr. Ed Ashby about making what he considered the ultimate big and dangerous game broadhead. After years of testing and reporting, he had his list of mandatory design aspects he felt the ultimate broadhead needed. We took that list and for 18 months we engineered, tested, and redesigned until we got it right.


In a few short years, the Ashby broadhead has become THE broadhead of choice for all of Africa's big five and has proven itself on the entire dangerous seven. Last year alone GrizzlyStik forged broadheads took; 20 elephant, over 100 Cape buffalo, and 40 some Asiatic water buffalo.



If you're a serious trophy hunter - you invest immeasurable time and effort into your hunts. When it's all on the line, make sure you're shooting enough arrow and broadhead. Don't take chances with your deer tackle. Shoot GrizzlyStik full-length tapered carbon arrows and our forged one-piece single bevel broadheads. You concentrate on the shot, and we'll take care of the rest...


The Ashby is a one-piece broadhead, 1.13" x 3.52", forged from a solid piece of 440C stainless steel. There are no weak points. Of course they offer our signature bone busting tanto tip. All edges, including the trailing edge are honed razor sharp at the factory.

Available in 315 grains. Right bevel only.



Click to see our broadhead guarantee.



Note: Always match right bevel with right helical vanes/feathers.


Ashby Broadheads:



  • Forged from a solid piece of 440C Stainless Steel
  • One-Piece forged construction eliminates any weak spots
  • Ground with wide bone splitting offset single bevels at 25 degrees (Match left bevel with left helical and right bevel with right helical fletching)
  • Precise CNC Machined for perfect symmetry and alignment for perfect flight
  • Cutting edge sharpening process ensures balanced - razor sharp edges
  • Final honing-stropping process means they're hunting/shaving sharp right from the package
  • .072" Blade Thickness
  • 58 Rockwell Hardness
  • Straight edge design - uses less energy while penetrating
  • Free - Hard plastic carrying case comes with each pack.
  • Tanto tip
  • Smooth transition, low profile ferrule
  • Razor sharp and ready to hunt
  • 1.13" W x 3.52" L
  • Ferrule diameter .370"
  • 315 grains
  • Screw in
  • Right Bevel Only
  • 3 per pack



Click here to see all the Ashby broadhead penetration reports.




Niel Summers of Bowhunting Safari Consultants with his 2012 Elephant. 



Neil used a GrizzlyStik UFOC Nano 175 and Ashby broadhead for his Jumbo. 

The total arrow weight was 1250 grains and had a 29.5% FOC.


Two Pigs With One Shot!



"Ed, Thanks so much for including me in your field testing of the new Ashby broadhead. It's been an honor to play with such a fine product in both the Ashby head and also the fine arrow shafting, The GrizzlyStik Sitkas.

Performance was everything I'd expected. I originally was looking to shoot a big grizzled boar but was unable to make it work the first few times out. I settled on a 100# sow that was feeding along with a sounder of herd pigs. Once within about 10 yards I dropped the string and watched the dart-like Sitka streak straight through her. There was no doubt that penetration was far and above anything ordinary. My 47# Horne Brushbow was more than enough bow to send the arrow straight through.

Upon blood trailing the pig I found that the blood trail made no sense. I'd seen the sow fall in sight but as I approached her I found that there was a blood trail leading away from the area where my pig had fallen. The only thing I could do was follow it. That's right, I shot two pigs with the same arrow. About 30 yards from my first pig I found the Sitka shaft and Ashby head laying in the trail. About another 30 yards up the trail laid my second hog. I was stunned by the event! I do think I understand penetration on a professional level now. I do feel that if everyone was getting this kind of penetration with their set-up there would be a lot less wounding. Thanks again for the opportunity to "see the light". I know what I'll be reaching for the next time I've got some serious hunting to do. I'll be grabbing my GrizzlyStiks and Ashby heads. You just can't put a price on proper performance."

Thanks again, Curtis Kellar, President-7th Age Bowhunting,LLC





“In the past I have shot several Cape buffalo in Africa as well as Asiatic Water Buffalo in Australia and Indian Water buffalo in Argentina. These bovine top out at one ton. I have use a variety of broadheads on those big animals in the past but nothing penetrated like the Ashby head did on the hippo, which is twice as heavy as any buffalo.”
Neil Summers, Bowhunting Safari Consultants



"I've just returned from Africa, and I could not be happier with the performance of the GrizzlyStiks or the Ashby broadheads. Both the giraffe and the Cape buffalo died within 1 minute, with penetration through both near and far ribs, the arrow finally resting under the skin. The giraffe was shot at 45 yards and the cape buffalo at 26 yards!

Thank you for making this possible. What a great arrow-broad head combo for the very largest of game. I think I should try it on elephant next..." Wadih Macksoud





Large elephant taken with an Ashby broadhead.






Sure, elephants are tough, but what about power washers?

"I was target shooting yesterday & skimmed an arrow off the top of my Rinehart target. The target was @ 15yds & the old power washer was @ 25yds. What's amazing is that all I did was pull the arrow (Safari+Ashby) out & go back to shooting. The only damage was a little chip off the tip & some dullness!
Thanks for a great product. I hope to kill some hogs with these!"

Lane Moore, MD
Longs, SC



This is what happens when an Ashby single bevel broadhead hits something hard.





Damage left behind by an Ashby broadhead that passed through this 3/4 inch piece of Kempas ( Janka rating of 1710 - pretty darn hard) as compared to Ash ( Janka rating 1320 ). Board is completely split in two. If that were bone, there would be no more friction on the shaft.





Note how the fletching is following the broadhead cut.






A view from the opposite side.



That's the power of rotational force driven by a GrizzlyStik arrow.





Alex Lopez with a large Cape Buffalo taken with GrizzlyStik products.





Dr. Ashby with a big Asiatic water buffalo taken with a prototype Ashby broadhead.



According to Dr. Ashby:

"If it works on these brutes, a whitetail will be a piece of cake."
"Don’t design a broadhead for when everything goes right,
design a broadhead for when everything goes wrong."



Disclaimer! Dr. Ed Ashby graciously allowed us to use his name on this broadhead with one condition. He insisted that we make it clear to our customers that he receives no compensation for the use of his name on our broadhead whatsoever. His goal is to educate the world on what kinds of arrows and broadheads best penetrate big game animals. He receives no compensation for any of his research but shares the results freely. He wants to educate bowhunters everywhere on what works best on big game animals so the animals may be harvested in the most efficient manner possible. It's actually more about the animal than the bowhunter. We all owe a great debt to Dr. Ashby for his significant contribution to bowhunting.


From all of us at Alaska Bowhunting Supply, Thank-You Dr. Ed Ashby!


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by Ralph
on 5/5/2015
Ashby Broadheads
Received my 315 gn Ashby BH and hit the range immediatly, they flew like a dream, penetration so deep into the backing that I was afraid I was going to not be able to get it out. Super tough, one piece, other broadheads are weak and flimsy compared to these, AND rediciolously sharp, can easily shave with them, I actually did a little just to prove it. Impressive!
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